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February 2017 Addiction recovery Blog is: working on a new post!

Addiction Recovery Blog Current Status

This is a page that will show you my up to date current status. I decided to create this page in case anything is going on where I am unable to be contacted or if my site is having any issues. I have been working on this site the last few days and was having tech issues. The site was not working properly for my visitors and I cant have that! This site is all about its visitors so I encourage suggestions and constructive criticism so that I can make sure everyone is getting the most out of this site. I will always be thinking how I can make improvements more and more so again suggestions are strongly encouraged! This page will also show any changes that are being made now or in the future. I have set very high expectations on myself for this blog and I plan to meet them! So I think this will be a page you want to check often. Right now is just the beginning and I am just getting started. I have a list of ideas I am working on right now so the site may be changing around from day to day so just stay with me and it will be A-OK! … HA HA not sure if that was funny to anyone else but it made me laugh lol. Laughing is very good for recovery so I am working on finding some kind of humor to add that would be appropriate for everyone. I may put some sneak peaks of current projects that i’m in the process of creating for this site. Honestly, I am not quite sure exactly what all I will be adding yet but I can promise you this I am putting everything I have into this and plan to be around for a long time! So, stick with me and just check this page when you have some free time and If you have any questions or suggestions please just let me know! Thanks!